Saturday, June 20, 2009


Charges on the Higher Side

Innovative Film city is about 40 kms from Bangalore.

As soon you reach the Innovative Film city, the Bollywood style Gates welcome you and promise you of a Great experience. The Staff is very friendly and helpful with all details on tariff, membership fees, etc.

Entry Fee is Rs.50/- and you need to pay separetely for each of the attractions. Or instead you can pay Rs.750 and enjoy all the attractions inside. Children below 3 years FREE. The Still Camera charge is Rs.100 and Video Camera is Rs.200.

The Front view is stunning and gives a feeling of something of a Grand Palace.
The First attraction is the INNOVATIVE TALKIES. This is a replica of Grand Old Days of Watching Cinema with a village tent environ.

The entry inside the IFC is also good. But sadly, most of the street is empty. Only shop working is Bata. The European Style Buildings is constructed in the style of Rome architecture and attracts attention. So do the pretty marble(?) statues.

Innovative Film City Staff recommend Mirror Maze very highly. And rightly so. Mirror Maze is exciting and worth your penny. Mirror Maze is the BEST attraction in IFC. You are handed even plastic gloves so as not to stain glasses. Once inside, the only source of Light which guides to the Exit are the dimly lit small red lights around the mirrors and the mirror reflections. Very exciting. Stay inside as long as possible to enjoy. The more you stay inside, the more fun it is. Of course, it is a bit challenging to find the exit with those dim right lights. The funny part, you will be meeting your group people again and again. Do hold your kids hand for he may get lost and start crying. Mirror Maze manages to bring the child in you. Mirror Maze is Rs.75 per person.

Ripley's Believe it or Not flatters to decieve. Ripley's Ghost is interesting. Kids will love this especially the revolving Cylinder and the 5 legged Cow. Rs.100.

Aqua Kingdom is an artificial beach with palm trees, etc. WASTE of money. Sure, Bangalore is land locked and we are thirsting for some watery fun. Not only the water is dirty but the loud music only turns you off. Kids may however enjoy. Waves, just for 15-20mins makes YOU too enjoy the beach. The Authorities should consider improving the facilities for changing and shower. Charge of Rs.150 is absolute rip off.

Even kids will be disappointed by Cartoon City. Entrance is FREE but charged Rs.30 for every ride. The Children enjoyed only the Water based Shark Attack. Dashing Car is so-so.

The Better Part of the IFC is the 4D. It costs Rs.100 and is worth watdching. Sadly, the movie lasts under 10 mins.

Miniature City is a waste of money. Kids can create a Better version of the same!!! Very poor models of Airports, Great Wall of China, etc.

Wonder what the Gaint Models of Mobile Phones were doing in this Miniature City. And what was this falls, Niagara Falls???. Too small and insignificant. Rs.50

Tussads Wax Museum is worth. Very few Indian celebrites. And surprisingly, very sparsely crowded. Absolutely Poor quality of models. Compelety avoidable. Rs.75

Go karting is good fun. Rs.150 for 4 Laps.

Dinosaurs Park is good. However the sounds made by Dino could scare little ones. Life size models of Dino make good viewing but sound very unreal. Lots of Greenery and a mini Waterfalls make good viewing. Rs.50

Fossil Museum is a miss me and you will miss nothing. Visit only if the Sun is very hot, for the Museum is Completely Air-Conditioned!!

Haunted House (Rs.100) is truly scary. Too dark and thus anything that pops out will scare you or make you laugh, depending on your view of Horror. Had a good laugh.

The Mini Golf too is enjoyable. After all, how many times you get the opportunity to play the Game.

Cafeteria is okayish. Masala Dosa @ 30 is too costly and too small for that price. Idly @ 20 too is very little. The place can get really crowded during lunchtime with people eating standing too. There is also a MacDonald’s to satisfy the upper crest. There is Coffee Day outlet too.
Parking facility is pathetic. You should park your vehicle in the open outside under the blazing sun and with no security. So, it is no surprise that Parking is FREE.
Outside Food is not allowed inside. However, those come in buses, can avail the facility of FREE drop to the Innovative Film city from the Highway.

Conclusion :
Very expensive though one should visit at least once. Instead of buying a Combo All in One Ticket of Rs.700, you are better off buying tickets for each Attraction separately as you may not have time to enjoy all the attractions and also some attractions may not be attractive enough for you.
Better to finish your Breakfast and then go inside the Film City. Go early to enjoy maximum games. Carry spare clothes.
The Film city is very well maintained expect for some parts. Eatables are available at most of the games area.
If you keep your expectations low, you will enjoy the Innovative Film City.

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