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Located next to Green Belt, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar get its name from the very famous and very beautiful Temple of i. Sri Jnanakshi Rajarajeshwari.
The Eye-catching Arch on the Bangalore-Mysore Road highway lures into the interiors and you will love every second of your visit here. The Temple is a magnificent edifice in pure Granite. Built in 1960s, the Temple is an excellent specimen of Dravidian architecture and is Masterpiece among the recent monuments built in Karnataka. The Temple houses 6ft Divine Stone Image of the Holy Mother Sri Jnanakshi Rajarajeshwari.
The Mother is seated on a Throne with her right leg folded and placed across the seat, while her left leg is bent at the knee and stretched below to rest on a Full Bloom Lotus.


Sri Tiruchi Mahaswami (also known as Shivaratnapuri Swamiji) after undertaking pilgramage to holy places like Kashi, Prayag and attaining highest peace of mind in Mount Kailas, came to Bangalore to see his disciples. Attracted by the environment, He decided to stay in Kenchenahally (present Rajarajeshwari Nagar) and build Sri Kailash Ashrama Mahasamsthana.
Early in the morning on 14.1.1960, the auspicious Sankranthi day, Sri Tiruchi Swamiji was proceeding to Mysore by a car for a Pada Pooja, along with two of his disciples. Just at about six miles South West of Bangalore City, he saw above him in the sky, three garudas (sacred eagles) circling. He saw in them the images of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi who had appeared before him on Mount Kailas. Swamiji got down from the car, and saw a footpath leading to a tiny village Kenchenahally. He proceeded and spotted a tiny cottage amidst a grove of guava trees, the spot the eagles kept on encircling. He decided to have his Ashrama there and arranged to purchase the area. This area happens to be the ancient sacred Tap van of Athri Maharishi and Mahasathi Anasuya. The Foundation stone was laid there by Sri Sivaratnapuri Swamiji (later known as Sri Tiruchi Mahaswami) between 5-30a.m. and 6.-15a.m. on 3rd April 1960.

From then onwards, the growth of the Ashram, has been phenomenally rapid. He has built an Ashram complex consisting of numerous building, established a Pathashala for Vedic and Aagamic studies, free school for academic education, branch Maths in several places, and most important of all, constructed the temple at the present spot which was divinely ordained.
In 1978, the Rajarajeshwari Temple was dedicated.

On the 27th of March every year at sunrise, the rays of the sun fall directly, on the Devi's forehead and travel down to her feet. This was not planned, but it happens that way. The temple is attracting more and more devotees everyday; and special mention should be made of the Navarathri Celebrations and Brahmotsavam, during which Chandi Homa is performed everyday and priests are specially recruited to recite the Vedas and the Saptashati.
Inside the Temple Comples is the New Sri Chakra shrine.

Jayendra Puri Swami who is fluent in all the South Indian languages as well as German and Italian, succeded Sri Tiruchi Mahaswami, who attained Mahasamadhi on Jan 14, 2005.

There is heavy rush of devotees on all days especially on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The Navarathri Festival is celebrated in great pomp and grandeur and Free Food is offered to all Devotees who visit the Temple.

The Temple runs a Veda Pathashala in its premises.

Omkar Hills, supposed to be the highest point in Bangalore is just a 5 min drive from the Temple and offers panoramic views of Bangalore. Sridhar Gudda, Big Banyan Tree, Manchanbele Dam are all easily accessible from here.

The Temple is located about 8km from the Bangalore City Railway Station and Bus Stand.



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